To: Our Clients

We believe Purpose Worldwide’s clients are the pioneers of a better future, and we would not exist without the business you each entrust to us each day we collaborate with you. We penned this On Purpose entry to introduce you to one another. Your work inspires us, and we are grateful and proud to represent you.

Ad Fontes Media, Inc., was founded in 2018 by Vanessa Otero, creator of the Media Bias Chart. The mission of Ad Fontes Media is to “make news consumers smarter and news media better.” Ad Fontes Media is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC)[1] in Colorado. Purpose currently holds a seat on Ad Fontes Media’s advisory board and is working with Otero and peers across the country to evangelize and introduce Ad Fontes Media’s mission to the partners that support its mission.

Ceresa, founded by former McKinsey & Co. partner Anna Robinson and Nicole Tanzillo, is democratizing access to truly transformative leadership development. Ceresa’s tech-enabled leadership acceleration platform and mentoring program support its mission to close the global women’s leadership gap. Purpose is helping Ceresa to discover and connect with the organizations and women that stand to benefit the most from its purpose and services. To date, our work has assisted Ceresa to meet with an inclusive roster of pioneering organizational leaders and mentees at companies like CBS, Electronic Arts, eMarketer and Skift Global. We also provide ongoing leadership and marketing advisory services.

Compose[d] is a New York City–based digital and creative services agency that is helping organizations around the world to break through and drive results. Known for its award-winning work for top retail, fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, the agency sees its clients increasingly seeking guidance toward a more sustainable future. Compose[d]’s founder and CCO, Jason Parkin, formerly creative director for Condé Nast and Maxim, is a USCF Category 3 bicycle racer, an ice hockey player, a rookie climber, and a photographer. Purpose has been helping Jason and his team earn attention across key media outlets and events and expand the reach of the sustainability and GenZ research it produces to help its clients win. This holiday season, Compose[d] special partnership with Sea Trees, an ocean-positive project of nonprofit Sustainable Surf, is supporting regenerative projects that protect and restore our critical ocean ecosystems.

CyberFortress, an insuretech star, assuages security challenges by offering a new kind of online business interruption policy designed to protect small business. In today’s world, digital businesses are vulnerable and no small business should have to worry that hacks or other risks will wipe them out. Narrowly focused and parametric in nature, the policy will begin paying out within 24 hours of a cyber incident, providing valuable cash-on-hand to help customers weather the immediate storm. Purpose is helping CyberFortess establish the awareness and relationships needed to roll out effectively across the nation.

The Foundation for Tomorrow, focused on work in Tanzania, envisions a world where all children contribute to society as active and empowered citizens, free of exclusion, disadvantage and vulnerability. TFFT offers so many ways to get involved. Challenge yourself to ride RIDETZ. Run your local 5K as a part of TEAM TFFT. Become a member of its team. Purpose is helping TFFT to evangelize its mission to secure quality education and emotional support for orphaned and vulnerable children so that they may reach their full potential and thrive in their communities. Seeking an inspirational speaker at your next event? Consider TFFT’s founder and executive director, Meghann Gunderman Sehorn. She is an inspiring force.

Global Women in Blockchain (GWIB) is an inclusive nonprofit committed to ensuring women and other underrepresented individuals have the opportunity to lead the fourth Industrial Revolution. GWIB provides the connections women and men of all ages need to participate. Throughout the year, GWIB ensures the speaking rosters of the top blockchain events in the world are inclusive, highlights the work of women in the field, enables member-to-member networking, fosters employer-to-candidate job-matching and grants student scholarships. Purpose holds an advisory board seat on GWIB and supports a number of key initiatives across the organization.

HealthChampion is empowering people-driven healthcare. “It’s Your Health. Own It!” Purpose is proud of the work we are doing to help the organization cement its place in history as one of the first companies to truly help people take command of their healthcare decisions and destiny.

Hugo, a future-of-work company, connects the way we meet to the way we work. And, like the extraordinary partners it keeps, Hugo isn’t just talking the talk. In addition to the solutions it provides to the teams that sign up for its service, Hugo also invests time and effort into the research and inspiration they need to thrive. Hugo’s inclusivity research, Developing a Foundational Approach to Gender Equity in Tech, with Atlassian and its new book, 10X Culture, are recent examples. By introducing Hugo to key stakeholders, media and content opportunities, Purpose is helping the brand to break through and drive its purpose and growth.

Jebbit is redefining how the world thinks about data. Founded by two entrepreneurs sick of online advertising’s status quo, Jebbit envisions a future of total data transparency between brands and consumers. Jebbit delivers on this mission by helping the top brands in the world make every experience they deliver assumption-free by asking people explicitly and directly about their interests, motivations and preferences. By giving brands the “declared data playbook,” Jebbit helps brands drive far better experiences for the people they care about most. Purpose is proud of the work we are doing to help Jebbit forge new top-level relationships and increase awareness of the company and its offerings. Recently, Business Insider named Jebbit co-founder and CEO one of 22 of the most important executives shaping the future of marketing technology.

NYIAX, in partnership with Nasdaq, is the creator of the world’s first advanced contract management platform and upfront marketplace. Purpose provides CMO advisory, relationship development and strategic communications support to NYIAX. Our collaborations with NYIAX have helped the company raise the bar for being a pioneer to a more transparent and efficient media future.

Quan Media Group was founded by Brian Rappaport to help brands realize the power today’s best out-of-home (OOH) solutions have to offer. Rappaport is known for his work to help Casper, FreshDirect, Luminary, Ro and others to win. Quan specializes in helping direct economy leaders (not just direct-to-consumer brands) combine the best of the digital and physical worlds. Purpose is proud to be collaborating with Quan to help the company win in a category Rappaport and his team know best.

SafeGuard Privacy is ensuring its clients can demonstrate compliance and navigate the rapidly shifting regulatory ecosystem successfully. We like to think of SafeGuard Privacy as the Turbo Tax of privacy compliance — helping users comply easily, faster and efficiently — so they can spend more time growing their businesses. Purpose is proud to be an embedded part of SafeGuard Privacy’s launch team. Listen to its founder and CEO talk candidly about How We Got to Now in this AdExchanger podcast, and follow SafeGuard Privacy on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Slumberkins is a leading children’s educational brand on a mission to promote early emotional learning. Slumberkins’ founders, who have backgrounds in family therapy and early education, saw a need for a children’s brand that reinforces a positive attachment between children and their caregivers. Slumberkins stories use research-based techniques to teach little ones important social-emotional skills. Through proactive and supportive narratives, each collection is intentionally crafted to build resilient, caring and confident children. Purpose is proud to be collaborating with Slumberkins to help the brand reach its next milestones. Already one of the top direct brands in North America, Slumberkins will soon exist as a media series the founders are co-producing with the Jim Henson Company. The series is based on Slumberkin’s special creatures, all created to help children interact, connect and reflect.

Transparent Path provides the technologies food businesses need to show customers and partners where their product came from, how it got to them and what happened to it in the supply chain. Founded by former Xerox leader Eric Weaver, Transparent Path responds to all of these concerns: We build proof.™ In June 2019, Transparent Path added Ahmad Alkabra (T-Mobile), Mark Kammer (Expedia), Dr. Badri Narayanan (McKinsey) and Paula Wood (Amazon) to its leadership team and advisory board. Purpose is proud to support Transparent Path’s market entrance and growth goals. Simply curious if things like blockchain could help you be a more ethical shopper? Follow Transparent Path’s blog on topics related to the future of food, innovation, blockchain and more.

WorkReduce strives to improve its clients’ lives and businesses by freeing them from the repetitive tasks that distract them from moving their businesses forward. WorkReduce is committed to providing its workforce with flexible employment that pays well, expands geographic access to jobs and training and makes a difference in their lives. WorkReduce is always open, transparent, honest and fair. Purpose is proud to be helping WorkReduce earn the awareness, coverage and interest it seeks to win in the market.