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Lana McGilvray

Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Tenaciously focused on creating and executing strategies that drive unforgettable success.

Cassady Nordeen

Partner, Chief Client Officer

The unwavering force that ensures our team is driving the best of yours.

Julie Ginches

Partner, Chief Strategy Officer

Dubbed by VentureBeat as the “CMO with the midas touch."

Kathleen Hessert
Kathleen Hessert

Partner, GenZ/Influencer Practice

Taught Shaq to tweet, Peyton Manning to speak, and brands to understand, engage with and leverage the power of Generation Z.


Julie Pippin

Creative Production

Warren Zenna

Brand Marketing

Leslie Wingo

Advertising & Inclusivity

Brad Berens

Strategy & Research

Drew Rymer


Therese McDevitt

Corporate Communications


Andrea Collins
CMO, Hippo

Elizabeth Hellman
Founder and CEO, Rubik Marketing

Nina Nichols
Founder, Global Women in Blockchain

Steve Cook
Global CMO, Innovation, Biz Dev | P&G | Coca-Cola | Samsung Contributing Editor CMO.com

David Kessler
Founder and CEO, Starfish

Sean O’Neal
President, Onclusive

Jason Damata
Founder and CEO, Fabric Media

Peter Krainik
Founder, The CMO Club

Noah Ross
Partner, LaunchPad NYC

Cindi Ellis
WW Advertising and Branded Content, IBM

Rebecca Lieb
Founder and Analyst, Kaleido Insights

DJ Stout
Partner, Pentagram

Anne Hallock
Former SVP, Head of Global Advertising, The Trade Desk

Stephanie Losee
Head of Brand Communications, Nova Credit (Former Head of Content @Visa, @Politico, @Dell)

Your Purpose and Growth Is Our Purpose.

From captivating launches and high-impact brand narratives to flawless IPOs, we love driving success for the organizations and people pioneering a better future for all.