Web3 and the Internet of Things

Purpose Worldwide takes pride in supporting the next generation of the internet and the brands that have a hand in the coming change. 

In a digital world trending towards decentralization, blockchain and token-based economics, Web3 technologies are the starting point for a shift in the digital ecosystem, as individual users take back control from the massive walled-gardens of tech companies. 

Bright.AI – On a mission to disrupt the future by transforming anything in the physical world into digital, the BrightAI platform transforms business results by digitizing your physical environment, making it intelligent and controllable, and unlocking unimagined opportunities for growth.

gDEX Metaverse – Specializing in blockchain technology, NFTs, gaming and cryptocurrency, GDEX Metaverse is a decentralized finance gaming platform exchange that powers gamers and creators into the future. 

Kiswe Transforming live streams into immersive and socially engaging experiences to better connect with fans

Fast Company How Kiswe is Reinventing Live Concerts for the Digital Age

Kreatr We helped kickstart the NFT marketplace looking to make it easier to physical artist to get into the digital space.

Tracer DAO – Open-sourced, decentralized, democratized and utilizing blockchain technology, Tracer DAO opens up new financial markets that combine all components of the digital future across Web3 and the Metaverse.