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AI and Data

Today’s inspiring pioneers are harnessing the power of data and AI to pave the way to a better future. Purpose is proud to be partnered with many mighty companies in the industry and help them transform their markets one measurement at a time. 

CatapultX – Providing the tools to generate more revenue from video ads, CatapultX’s proprietary technology uses AI to reinvent advertising by eliminating the interruptive experience consumers have grown to hate.

TechRound – Meet Zack Rosenberg, CEO and Co-Founder at On-Stream Video Monetisation Platform: CatapultX

Fairwords – The world’s first AI-powered communications protection software that through anonymous dashboards and analytics provide insight into how teams communicate.

Grata Built on machine learning technology, Grata is a B2B search engine that helps teams target private companies, identify similar companies, find new targets, and automate personalized outreach.

Fortune – Grata raises $25 million to help private equity firms find their next investment

Habu Data Clean Room software company Habu makes it seamless for businesses to generate high-value analytics from controlled datasets, while protecting the privacy of consumers and the rights of data owners.

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JebbitFrom simple lead forms or surveys to product matches and personality quizzes, Jebbit enables anyone to build and design fun, engaging quizzes and digital experiences with speed and control, all while capturing customer-first, zero-party data at scale.

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