Justice and Social Good

NON and Not-For-Profits

We passionately amplify the voices that help people around the world get the support, information, education and services they need. Purpose Worldwide continues and will continue to champion the importance of cross-generational and cross-cultural communications at events around the world.

BRIDGE – With the variety of programs that BRIDGE offers, including proprietary research, storytelling workshops, events and more, they help identify, dismantle, and rethink the structures in place that currently contribute to the gap in belonging, representation, inclusion, diversity and equity (BRIDGE is an acronym for these).


Civics Unplugged – This social enterprise is empowering leaders of Gen Z with the training, funding, and networking they need to become civic innovators that build a brighter future for humanity while re-imagining civic education and sparking a global civic renewal.

Givelify – Givelify is a nonprofit that connects people to their favorite places of worship, charities, and causes, while also enabling them to collaborate to transform the world through generosity and kindness.

Recognized by The Stevie Awards as a Bronze Winner

One Earth Rising – One Earth Rising creates immersive experiences designed to inspire personal growth, creativity & impact solutions.

USA Facts – USAFacts is a nonprofit civic endeavor that makes government statistics accessible and understandable to all Americans.

Together for Safer Roads – Together for Safer Roads is a global NGO that uses private-sector technology, data, and knowledge to avoid traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths around the world.