Meet Our New Interns!

The Purpose Worldwide internship program is proud to introduce our new interns for the summer of 2022. Learn more about these future PR communications experts below and be sure to check us out on LinkedIn.

Hasanthi Duvvuri

Tell us a little bit about your background:

I am Hasanthi and I provide four years of content writing experience and immense knowledge about the fashion industry. I have a penchant for writing since I was in middle school, and that passion can be seen in my work, too, whether it’s writing blog articles or creating social media deliverables for clients.

Currently, I am a second-semester media science graduate student at Boston University. Apart from my academics, I also enjoy watching sappy rom-coms and going for stand-up comedy shows in my free time.

What made you apply to Purpose Worldwide? The positive work environment, the office culture and the very welcoming team at Purpose. I knew that I had a lot to learn here since the day I gave my interview. Working with high profile clients and being able to put my communication skills to good use is also something that caught my attention.

What do you hope to accomplish in this internship?: I hope to flourish in my communications career and become a skilled PR professional. I would also like to gain skills such as talking to reporters, communicating with CMOs of various companies and be able to write for a range of fields.

Is there anything else you’d want people to know?: While I am not writing for work, I am usually writing for my instagram page: hasanthi.d Here I share my stories of moving to Boston, studying at BU and just my overall experience in the US. My got-to comfort movie is Before Sunrise.

Describe yourself using five words: Outspoken, Hardworking, Creative, Passionate and Short!

What’s your favorite brand?: Zomato. It is an Indian food delivery app that does some great marketing work. Their social media game is really on the top.

What’s your favorite food?: Any spicy Indian food. (I love a good paneer tikka masala) 

What’s your favorite book(s)?: All about love by Bell Hooks

Luiza Decenzi

Tell us a little bit about your background:

I am a Sophomore at Boston University where I am currently studying Public Relations and Business Administration. During my Freshman year at Boston University, I worked as the Communications Assistant for Boston University’s Department of Computer Science, the Social Media Team Director at Unleashed PR, Treasurer of French Club, and a Varsity Marketing Consultant through the Guerrilla Marketing Society.

What made you apply to Purpose Worldwide? Definitely the mission and the learning opportunities! As soon as I read through the website, I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in. The focus on the purpose of each brand definitely enhances communications efforts and improves the relationship between the public and the brand. I also loved the opportunity to gain more experience by working with many different clients in a range of different industries and I am excited to help our clients grow their businesses!

What do you hope to accomplish in this internship?: I hope to gain more experience in the public relations field while also getting some exposure to marketing as well. In addition, I want to learn more about different industries so I can become more versatile and comfortable in my future career opportunities.

Describe yourself using five words: Determined, Loyal, Sincere, Reliable, and Innovative.

What’s your favorite brand?: That’s a hard question to answer. I think Spotify since it has helped me finish so many school assignments!

What’s your favorite food?: Poke Bowls 

What’s your favorite movie?: Knives Out

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